Was the ecclesia (church) that Yahshua built - the one that the gates of hell could not prevail against, a body of consumers or producers?  I have noticed that Kingdom ministries exist in sharp contrast from institutionalized church organizations by the percentage of consumers and producers that populate their environment. Most "religious" [those who try to produce a spiritual outcome without the participation of the Holy Spirit] organizations are populated with consumers.  By definition a consumer is one who exists within a community by feeding on others within that community.  Now contrast that with a producer who by definition builds upon itself within the community with the goal of becoming a distributor - one who has more than necessary to function and is willing to share.

The perfect illustration of this is a family - as is the case in all Kingdom revelation.  A newborn child is not expected to produce anything within the community of family and is squarely in the consumer stage.  However, there is a hopeful expectation that given an opportunity to develop they will grow into a consumer/producer - teenager.  Now the responsibilities in this arena are not world changing but an incremental movement toward something greater.  Next comes an advanced stage of maturity that I will identify as a producer/producer.  This stage is characterized by who one is producing personally and at the same time willing to help others produce.  I believe the five-fold ministry of an ecclesia is a perfect example of this stage.  Parents would also serve in this capacity.  Finally, the ultimate expectation is a producer/distributor - one might refer to this person in an ecclesia as evangelistic.

It's interesting to note that Yahshua's three-and-a-half years of ministry with the disciples (consumers) who later were identified and sent as apostles (producers) were totally saturated in this process of maturity.  More on this later...

p.s.  Could the divorce rate of over 50% of marriages result from the fact that two consumers are being joined together or one strong consumer and a weaker producer?  Think about it!

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