As a former school teacher and educator, it has been a source of bother to me to speak in such a sporadic manner as an apostle.  Many times, as I am speaking, my mind will wonder why I am all over the map in thought - "squirrel". The seemingly disconnected speech offended my sense of personal identity but would occasionally be understood in the light of revelation that I said something that was specific and pertinent to someone listening.  Many times I would receive responses from those astonished that, not only had I addressed an issue that they had discussed, but also I had used identical wording.  Certainly this could only be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Finally, I delved deeper into a familiar scripture to me, 1 Thessalonians 2:4, that states...

But as we [apostles] have been approved by Yahweh to be entrusted with the good news of Christ, even so we speak [at random], not as pleasing men, but Yahweh [the only true GOD] who tests our hearts.

Yahshua also instructed the apostles to not predetermine what they would say when they stood before kings, for the Spirit would teach them and speak through them in that moment.

So the next time you're in the presence of an apostle and he is verbally "chasing a lot of rabbits",  just know that there are others around you that may be hearing specifically what Yahweh is saying to them.