Dr. Marvin Shipman n.d.

Ozark Herb & Spice

Marvin R. Shipman Jr. Was born in Mason City, Iowa, August 18th, 1949.  Marvin was industrious during his childhood years, shoveling sidewalks, mowing yards and delivering newspapers. He graduated from Mason City High in 1968 and went on to work in his family's 7 gas stations and the fertilizer and propane operations. He later went on to own a service station and purchased a wrecker.

In 1970 he purchased Al and Dick's Crane and Wrecker Service, where he became a member of the crane operators union. He sold this business in 1979 when an opportunity arose to relocate to Missouri.
That same year he purchased Don's State-line Liquor Store in Jane,Missouri. Under Marvin's direction the business became the largest volume independently owned liquor store in the state, and he went on to build Ozark Beverage Company.

It was during this time that Marvin, because of an illness that caused him to sell his businesses, give his life to Yahshua the Christ and discovered  his true passion, natural medicine.  Marvin purchased Ozark Herb and Spice in 1988, he operated it out of a single stall in his garage, helping people and educating himself. Marvin attended and consequently taught classes for Certified Natural Health Professionals.

In 1993, he achieved a Masters in Herbology and went on to receive a a Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 1995.
He has studied under Dr.'s of great renown, including, but not limited to; Neuroemotional techniques  with Dr. Teresa Dale, Pepperdine university and Bio energetics with Dr. Roy Martinez.  Marvin took this small operation and turned it into a thriving practice and retail operation, now located in Bentonville, Arkansas. It has been and continues to be his heart to serve people and to establish a culture where health and wholeness are the norm.
It is his goal to create a healthy nation, by empowering generations to have compassion on their future health.
Marvin is married to Rebbecca, together they have five children and nine grandchildren. All of his family contribute to the business in some capacity, and together they bring Yahweh glory by walking out their purpose in the earth.