Prophet Joe Howard

November 17, 2013


  • You have come to the place of My Praise where the “virtues” of My Name shall be declared in you, and My unsearchable Greatness declared through you.
  • Men shall no longer see you as you once were, and their mouths will speak of the might of your Acts of My Kingdom.
  • I (Yahweh) have begotten you for this age, that your whole Life (existence) will be Expressions of My Grace.
  • Therefore, I am strengthening you for the cause of My Christ and the furtherance of His Gospel.
  • For you are an Ekklesia out of the Root of My Christ (Son). An Authoritative “commission” to enter the fortress of the Kingdom of darkness and deal with “lead” principalities and prevail against the governed systems of this world.
  • You shall Rule with great dominion to do according to My Will, and once again man shall retain the Power of My Authority to execute Judgment and Justice among the nations.
  • I have forged you in the fire of adversity and chaos to for a choice “Troop” who stand in the full strength of My Kingdom (The whole Kingdom), The Upright Ones! Who understand the Kingdom – who instruct many to purify and refine them for this appointed time. You shall certainly overwhelm every stronghold! 

Click HERE to download a pdf of these declarations.