Stuart and Jennifer McCamey

Stuart and Jennifer came to the Rock of NWA in the fall of 2011. They have a passion for the five-fold ministry that Yahweh established in the first century ecclesia and are excited about the work Holy Spirit is doing in restoring that anointing in the land today.

They were married in September of 2006 and have two beautiful children, Anna and Levi, who also love celebrating the excitement of the Kingdom!

Jennifer grew up taking occasional art lessons with her grandma at her grandparents kitchen table in Bella Vista, AR. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began painting “prophetic paintings.”

“I used to paint what others had already painted. I’d find an artist I liked and try to copy what they painted and hang my rendition on our walls. And then came a word from Holy Spirit that I was supposed to begin painting from my heart and stop copying what others had already done. Shortly after that, we came to the Rock and Holy Spirit began perfecting that word, and these paintings became prophetic expressions. To me, a prophetic painting can meet people at a spiritual level, It can touch their deep. It can hang on their wall for years but can always speak a relevant message to them where they’re at today. Like one man who bought one of my pieces said, “This may sound strange, but it’s like the painting is alive!” Yes, it is alive!! The idea of the painting is straight from Holy Spirit and His revelation is living and breathing. My desire is that this art will bring truth, hope, and life to others and will be a means of evangelism to our surrounding area of Northwest Arkansas and to the ends of the world!”

This painting was inspired by a vision that was given to Apostle Todd many years ago. It depicts a man coming out of a river, arms outstretched, holding an oak tree in each hand. At the same time the painting began to come together, Stuart and I began to see several  prophetic nuances unfold.

The tree in the right hand is representative of the office of the apostolic, while the tree in the left represents the office of the prophetic. The roots of the trees are intertwined with the man as a way of showing both the apostolic and prophetic being birthed in his heart by the Spirit. He is bringing these trees to a hill country that is void of these two anointings. In doing so, the land will be complete, as the five-fold--apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, and evangelist-- are planted together again as was the original design of the ecclesia.  

“Like A Mighty Rushing Wind”
Acrylic on Formica

As we call out to the north, the south, the east, and the west, the ingathering of sons will be "like a rushing mighty wind”.  Just like the wind gathering together from all directions creates a cyclonic force, so too the power that comes from the resonation of the gathering together of the sons of Yahweh in the Earth!  What a mighty display of Yahweh's Kingdom here on Earth!  We're calling out and our voices are breaking through.  It's coming and is already here!

In lining ourselves up with Yahweh's order and taking our

Acrylic on Formica

This painting was birthed from a conversation I had with my husband regarding nutrition and the body.  Research has been conducted and has proven that negative thoughts, negative emotions, and stress actually produce acid in our bodies.  Acid in the blood causes oxidation, which in turn causes disease and aging.  Psalm 1:2-3 came alive to me as we began talking.  It says that a man who walks righteously delights in the law of Yahweh and meditates on His law day and night.  It says that he's like a tree firmly planted by streams of living water.  As we delight in, and meditate on His order there will be no place for acidity from negative thinking.  We will yield fruit in season, our leaf will not wither, and, naturally, whatever we do will prosper.

John 7:38 says that when a person believes in Yahweh, from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.  To those who believe, that living water flows through them in the person of Holy Spirit.  When we line ourselves up with His word, out of us flows life . . . from the inside out.

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